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  If you need to be referred to an attorney in Colorado call us at (303) 525-0590 or toll free at (800) 722-9529 or,
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               “Better to Light a Candle Than to Sit and Curse The Darkness”.

(Denver 303-525-0590

Our Lawyers offer Free Consultation for Personal Injury / Medical Mal Practice / Car Wrecks / Family Law / Divorce, Child Custody / Domestic Violence / DUI / Criminal / Real Estate and Contract law. The following is an analogy by attorney Mel Martin a successful Salt Lake City attorney and author of “How To Hire an Honest Lawyer …and other Oxymoron’s”. Picture two farmers fighting over ownership of a cow. While one is pulling on the tail the other is pulling on the head and the cow is being milked by the attorneys. Some attorneys fall into this category, while there are many good lawyers that do not. Do you know the difference?

WE welcome your reviews and comments on our lawyers, from you their clients. We are the oldest Private Not For Profit Legal Referral Service in Colorado since 1989. For an appointment with one of our lawyers please call 303-525-0590 or Dial 4-Lawyer at 303-452-9937. 

Lawyer Referral Service           

The Dial 4-Lawyer Referral Service (D4L) is a Not For Profit Legal Referral Service and has been serving the Greater Denver since 1989. Our service includes attorneys who practice in most areas of the law, and we will try to locate attorneys close to your home or business. Attorney members of D4L have agreed to “Free Consultation ” for the first half-hour of your consultation. Fees charged after that first half-hour are at the attorney’s private rate. There is no charge for the referral to the attorney.

The Dial 4-Lawyer Referral Service requires Member Panelists to meet specifications for each area of law in which they receive referrals. The attorneys are in good standing with the Supreme Court Colorado Bar Association, and maintain professional liability insurance. Each panelist has certified that he or she is competent to practice law in the areas in which they have chosen to receive referrals. The D4L handles more than 25,000 calls per year, and makes 10,000 referrals.

Mission Statement

Our Mission is to help everyone that calls us to find ethical, affordable and competent legal representation to address their legal challenges. The alternative is to turn America into a third world country.

While America’s Justice System is unjust all too often, the innocent go to prison the guilty go free, thieves are not forced to make their victims whole, and we must keep trying. We must keep striving for Justice least we drive people to street Justice and violence as their only alternative. This is what has kept violent third world countries, violent third world countries. Their Courts and Judicial Systems became corrupt, ruled by the Sophist and powerful of the day. Handing out Justice only to those with Money, Power and Control, in that order. Favoring the word wizards as was the case in ancient Greek times when the Sophists ruled. All too often in today’s Courts, unjust laws are written by compromised lawmakers who are in the pockets of modern day Sophist, and interpreted and enforced by compromised Judges who rule in favor of the favored. We are all entitled litigators, however the word wizards that  desire and stand for justice for all are worthy.

“The Smallest Light Shines in the Dark”

The unethical word wizards who desire money, control and power more than equal justice are unworthy of the American dream and God’s Kingdom. The America Dream is but a Dream unless, and until we make it a reality by accepting nothing less than fair and equal justice for all. “Injustice for one is injustice for all.” – Martin Luther King

For an appointment with one of our lawyers please call 303-525-0590 or,

Dial 4-Lawyer 303-452-9937. 

Colorado Lawyer Referral Service   

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Age 69. Single. Raised on farm in South East Kansas. Moved to Littleton Colorado in 1968. Semi Retired Real Estate Broker. Enjoy writing and playing music. Paints in various mediams. Writing various books on the justice system. Preachers Lawyers/Liars and other Profit$ and the People they Prey on.
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