Help us raise Awareness for Elder Fraud and Elder Abuse at

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Public Service Announcement 2014

 Elder Fraud is Epidemic  

Please Help in Our Efforts to Raise Elder Fraud Awareness  

 Elder Abuse by a sibling caused “The Fail Family to Fail”. 

                        Sibling Thieves

   Iva June Fail-Dedeke, Ivan Lee Fail & John Roy Fail.
             I was dreaming while they were scheming…
               I trusted but, failed to verify. 

 Save Your Ass-ets  

Proposed Book & Movie…. www.SiblingThieves.comImage.

               Iva June Fail Dedeke- Pure Evil. Details at http://www.failvfail.comhttp://www.Sibling

Compelling True Story about Duress, Elder Abuse, Fraud, Foul Play, Murder.


Call Larry “Never” Fail 800-722-9529
Don’t let the Music die. Google MacPhale & You Tube. 

I personally witnessed My sister June Fail Dedeke…

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Age 69. Single. Raised on farm in South East Kansas. Moved to Littleton Colorado in 1968. Semi Retired Real Estate Broker. Enjoy writing and playing music. Paints in various mediams. Writing various books on the justice system. Preachers Lawyers/Liars and other Profit$ and the People they Prey on.
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