Twelve Apostles of Ill Health Require Our Surrender

Greed is a form of mental illness. When joined by the other Apostles of Ill Health – anger, resentments, fear, worry, desire to dominate, self-preoccupation, guilts, sexual impurity, jealousy, a lack of creative activity, inferiorities, a lack of love, it becomes pure poison that destroys families and friendships. Narcissus or a feeling of entitlement is dangerous as illustrated by the many mass murders that we have recently witnessed. The generation of “Entitlement” is reducing America to a 3rd Country status. It killed my father.
Legacy of Ivan Fail – Love & Miss You Popa. (Wilson/Neosho
Unfortunately the untimely death of Ivan J Fail under very suspicious circumstances should remind us of his primary legacy: The long shadow of unintended consequences from his disinheriting one of his children while under the control of and the duress and pressure by his daughter June Dedeke, her husband Gene Dedeke, their daughter Tonia Dedeke Nelson and her husband Leavenworth Kansas Lawyer Gary A. Nelson. They were assisted in their crimes by June’s two brothers Ivan Lee Fail and John Fail and his girlfriend Patty Hon. A sad and undeserving end to the life of a good man that in the end was treated like a bum and mistreated and killed for his money by his own family whom he trusted to care and protect him. Read the full story at More Information at 844-MaxList or 844-629-5478. macphale. @ gmail . com
Larry MacPhale – Don’t Let The Music Die…
Listen – Google MacPhale on Sound Cloud & You Tube
1. A Million Babes a Crying. 2. A Black Man Can Be President. 3. Bernard’s Ballad. 4. Boogie Town.
5. Big White Cadillac. 6. Country Boy. 7. Daddy’s Guitar. 8. Daughter. 9. Death To Disc. 10. Fly On Silver Queen. 11. Heart Aches And Lies. 12. I’ll Be Back Before Too Long. 13. Illusionary Friend. 14. In A Little Town. 15. Iraq, get the hell out and don’t go back. 16. It Always Rains In Nashville. 17. It’s All About You. 18. L. A. Boogie 19. Little Boy From Tupelo. 20. Main Street USA. 21.Misplaced Memories. 22. Missing Angel. 23.Money, That’s All Everyone Seems To Want 24. Mr. Sign Maker 25. Nero’s Encore 26. No Way To Win. 27. Pedro Robinez 28. Play Ball 29. Predator Or Prey 30. Put A Light In Your Window 31. Rolls Royce. 32. She Went Bad And I Went Crazy. 33. She’s A Shaker 34. Ted Bundy. 35. The Dog Song. 36. This Hearts Got A Vacancy. 37. Turn The Tide On Apartheid. 38. Upon Mortgage Hill. 39.
Your Secret Admire 40. You Can Find Me On The Platte.
Songs written & recorded written by Larry MacPhale.

Pathway of Blessing

12 apostles of ill health“I know that there are certain mental and emotional and moral and spiritual attitudes that are anti-health:anger, resentments, fear, worry, desire to dominate, self-preoccupation, guilts, sexual impurity, jealousy, a lack of creative activity, inferiorities, a lack of love. These are the twelve apostles of ill health. So in prayer I’ve learned to surrender these things to Jesus Christ as they appear.”

I once asked Dr Kagawa: “What is prayer?” And he answered: “Prayer is self-surrender.” I agree. It is primarily self-surrender, blanket surrender, day by day. It is all we know and all we don’t know. “All we don’t know” covers the unfolding future and involves problems as they arise. So in prayer if any one of these twelve things arise, and they do arise, for no one is free from the suggestion of anyone of them, I’ve learned how to deal with them: not to…

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