Bishop Dennis Leonard and Heritage Christian Center

The internet has helped expose Prosperity Preachers for what they are and always have been . Snake Oil Salesmen and women
They simple tell people what they want to hear. “You can bet rich, never be sick again and and go to Heaven if you give me all your money. Kind of like the Lottery and Power Ball promises riches. It is what keeps the fools hanging from week to week and drawing to drawing while the promoters gets rich. It will be interesting to the see these con men eat their own as the word spreads and the pie of fools grows smaller and smaller and the offering plate drys up. Don’t stop the music – Google MacPhale Sound Cloud and You Tube. @macphale – MacPhale @ g mail .com

Media Empire

Bishop Dennis Leonard

The Life of Dennis Leonard

My family and I went to this church for over 10 years, tithed, my family was in the choir, and my sister and I were in the youth group. One day the Denver Post wrote an article on Dennis Leonard and “The Prosperity Gospel.” The article was well written and documented number one. In the article the writer had interviews with State Representative Debbie Stafford and EX Church Admin and Pastor Laurie Randolph. What they had to say was really common knowledge if you had a significant history with the church at all.

Here is a link to that article:

One day my mom asked Dennis how much money he was making while he was in the bookstore in the old Denver Heritage Christian Center. He started yelling that my mom had a demon in her, and he had his body guards swiftly…

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Bishop Dennis Leonard and Heritage Christian Center

Bishop Dennis Leonard and Heritage Christian Center.

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Tonia Dedeke



I helped my husband Gary Nelson and my mother June Dedeke screw her brother out of $1,000,000. That is why I can smile. It feels real good. Ivan Fail and John Fail and Patty Hon helped. Read more about it at   

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June Dedeke



I feel like a Million Dollars. I screwed my brother out of the Million Dollars. Read all about it at  

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June Dedeke

June Dedeke

I screwed my brother out of $1,000,000 and it feels good.

It felt better than food, pop corn, sex, porn, chewing gum, family, kids or Leavenworth. My daughter Tonia Nelson and her husband Leavenworth Lawyer Gary Nelson helped me do it. I had to cut my two my two idiot brothers Ivan Fail and John Fail in on the deal to pull it off. Read more at I love it.

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Ivan Fail


 “Better to Light a Candle than to sit and curse the darkness”.  c
hinese proverb  

    Your Help Is Needed, to assist us in our efforts to Raise awareness of Elder Fraud & Abuse via our Book and Film project. 
    Elder Abuse by a sibling caused  “The Fail Family to Fail”. 

    New Book & Film “Sibling Thieves”.
     Iva June Fail-Dedeke, Ivan Lee Fail & John Roy Fail.
             I was dreaming while they were scheming…
             I trusted but, failed to verify. 

      Read This Story, and Save Your Family and Assets.  

      Proposed Movie….Compelling True Story about Duress, Elder Abuse, Fraud, Foul Play and in my Opinion, Murder.  

  We are currently accepting similar stories for consideration to be in included. Contact 
  Or Call Larry “Never” Fail. 800-722-9529.


This Web Site is dedicated to the fight against Elder Fraud and Abuse and the Memory of my father Ivan J. Fail who died   of duress and abuse at the hands of my sister Iva June Fail Dedeke on December 21, 2005. 

                                    Baby Bomber               “I love and miss you poppa” Your Son Larry….   

                                                                   Ivan J. Fail 
                                     June Fail – Dedeke – Did She Kill OUR Dad? For $1,000,000
        Gary Nelson                                                      Tonia Dedeke – Nelson Did She Kill My Dad? For $1,000,000
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Was Ivan J. Fail Murdered? Read www.failvfail and you decide.


Who did it. Gary A. Nelson? Tonia Dedeke Nelson? June Dedeke? Ivan Lee Fail?   

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