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I personally witnessed My sister June Fail Dedeke abusing my father in October and November 2005. I witnessed her engaging in verbal and emotional abuse, duress and elder abuse of our father Ivan J. Fail. It is my opinion that that she also engaged in foul play and murder when she was faced with the options of losing and estimated $1,000,000 in prime Kansas Farm Land, producing Methane Natural Gas Wells and other Estate Assets or murder her father to prevent me, her brother Larry Fail from talking with my father about the deed that June had arranged for and prepared, and had gotten our father Ivan J. Fail to sign it. The deed was to the land that both my mother who passed in 2000, and my father wanted me to receive from them upon their deaths. June had placed the names of her daughter Tonia Dedeke Nelson, and her son in law Gary A. Nelson who is an attorney in Leavenworth Kansas on the transfer on death deed. To prevent me from talking with my father and getting the deed corrected and receiving the land, gas Wells and other Estate Assets that I was promised, June misused her Medical Power of Attorney and issued a “No Contact” against me.June and her husband Gene Dedeke “The Village Idiot” hated and despised our father for 30 years. There is a long recorded history in the Kansas Real Estate Records in three Counties, the KBI,The OBI, to    substantiate this fact. June and her children Terry and Tonia were controlled and alienated, and kept from family, friends and neighbors and emotionally abused and brain washed by Eugene “Gene” Dedeke. He was a chronically impaired paranoid insecure suffering from acute diagnosed schizophrenia. He was also a lifelong alcoholic.



                                                                             TONIA DEDEKE NELSON 


                                                              Larry Fail

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November 6, 2005

Tonia Nelson

21559 Limit

Easton, KS.  66020

RE:  Follow up on the problems at Dad’s farm

Dear Tonia,

You were right Tonia. It is not going to work having your father Gene Dedeke and Grandpa Fail under the same roof. You told everyone that before he and June moved in there in June. You told me that again last Wednesday. I was hopeful that it would work out but the cost to Grandpa and the rest of the family is not worth it.  

Everyone should have listened to you. You and Terry know him better than anyone else, including your mother June. When Terry called for June on the phone the other night, he told me he had something to say to me. I had not talked to him in many years and thought, her it comes. He surprised me by saying. “Larry you are not the problem down there, my dad is.” He was pleasant and it was good to hear his voice and his kind words after all of these years.

I then talked to you for a long time. It was good a talk we had. You told me that June was in the Smoke House crying her eyes out. I told you what was going on and how both gene and June were abusing dad. June wants a perfect world. I wish that I could wave a magic wand over Gene’s head and heal him and make it so for my sister but I cannot. 

I could engage in tricky delusional thinking for my own comfort like my brother Bump and my Dad does but I will not do so.  I cannot afford to see things the way that I want them to be and thereby become part of the problem like my brother Bump and my dad has.  I must see things the way they truthfully are if I am to make a positive contribution to the solution.  

Dad has always wanted to see the best in everyone and give everyone another chance.  I love this about him in one way yet it frustrates me, as it does Jack that he will not listen to us. Then he finds himself in a fix that is hard for the rest of us to fix.  Bump has a long list of my faults and defects that he shares with anyone who will listen. 

Some of them are valid.  However I truly do not know what that has to do with the price of tea in China.  It’s like not wanting to see the bank robber with your money and his gun in his hand running out of the bank.  You simply say to yourself.  It’s not his fault the bank should have been on the other side of the street; it’s the banks fault.    

Grandpa told me when I left his home on November 2nd that when he dies in January that will solve all the problems.  He told me that several times while I was there.  I told him that it may solve his problems but not for the rest of us.  I told him that he has other options and he does. 

For him to be held hostage in his own house at this point in his life is sickening.  Jack was always upset with Dad because he would never listen to him.  Now I understand how Jack feels.  Now Dad will not listen to me.  He insists that the only choice that he has is to live with his worst enemy so that he can have June care for him.

While I think that June does take good physical care of Dad, the emotional and psychological abuse that I witnessed for the ten days that I was there was extremely frustrating and unacceptable.

It all started when I was sitting in a chair watching TV in the middle of the afternoon on or about Tuesday October 25th.  Your Grandpa was sitting in his recliner. Gene came in and stood in front of him. Gene told Grandpa that if he did not get rid of Frank Greve that he and June were leaving.  Grandpa said Gene I don’t want to do that. 

Gene started telling Grandpa that Frank had tore up the tractor that he had fixed and that he was sick and tired of Frank driving the tractor when he needed it.  He told Grandpa that Frank had wrecked the pick up or backed it into something and plugged up the tail pipe. 

Grandpa tried to say something several times.  Gene said, no I don’t want to hear that.  “He goes or we go”.   Gene then said to Grandpa, Frank is poisoning the cattle with bad water and using the same needle over and over again to give them shots.  Then he said Frank Greve doesn’t know anything about how to take care of cattle.  Then Grandpa said, “Gene, Frank Greve has forgotten more about cattle than you will ever know”.

Then Gene says. “Ok June and are out of here”.  Then Grandpa said, “Ok Gene.” And he tried to say something else.  Then Gene said. “You have to tell Frank Greve that he can’t come back on the farm, and he can’t drive the pickup or the tractor, and he can’t have anything to do with the Cattle, and you have to tell him that I am in charge here, or we are moving out and then who is going to take care of you”?

June kept telling Grandpa that she was sick and tired of Frank knocking on the door at 7 A.M.  She was telling Grandpa about the cattle that Frank Greve had killed including one that had gotten stuck in a tree. June had earlier shown me a picture of it on her computer.

She had also told me that Grandpa had told her that Frank gets the pickup after he passes. 

I never put two and two together until I left there but could this be part of Gene and June’s motive to get rid of Frank Greve in addition to Gene’s need to be in charge of everything and everyone?   Gene ask Grandpa, “what’s it going to be old man, he goes or we go what’s it gona be, I’m tired of wasting my time”.  He said a lot of other negative things about Frank Greve  

By this time Grandpa’s head was slumped down and his eyes were closed and he had the saddest look on his face that I had ever seen.  He then said, “Ok Gene if that is the way it has to be I will tell Frank Greve not to come back”.  Gene kept pushing him Grandpa for more detail etc.

At this point I could not listen to anymore I stood up and went over and held Dad’s hand and told him. “No Dad, you do not have you to do this, this is Bull *x*”.  Gene said. “Back off Larry this is none of your business”.  Then he put his finger in my chest and started pecking on my chest and pushing me away from Dad. 

I told Dad and Gene and June. “You can’t do this, Dad has know Frank Greve for 60 years and he is his best friend, and he has helped Dad for all of these years, and he has not charged Dad a penny, no you are not going to do this to Dad”.  Gene kept poking his finger into my chest and pushing me away from Dad and I backed away. 

Gene and June then told me that all I was back there for was to cause trouble and steal all of the farms. Then they went outside.  I tried to tell Dad that he had other and better choices than to live in this mess.   

Bump called me this morning at 9:30 A. M. with the answer to all of the problems.  He is going to solve all of Grandpa’s problems at the farm with Gene, Frank Greve and anyone else that gets in Gene’s way with a Restraining Order against me. 

He doesn’t like the message so he has chosen to kill the messenger. The message is this. Both Gene and June through threats of abandonment if he does not do what they tell him to are psychologically and emotionally abusing Dad/Grandpa.     

You assured me on Tuesday November 2, that if I went back to Colorado that you would have your Dad Gene out of Grandpa’s house by the end of the month.  I asked you to put it in writing and you told me that you would. 

I trust you and believe you.  If you recall you told me that your mother June was upset and you wanted to calm things down for her and Grandpa.  You said that you were trying to find a place up near you for Gene to move to. 

I want the best for everyone.  My enclosed letter dated September 19, 2005 should remove any doubt as to what my feelings were.  I still feel the same way but I cannot choke down the maltreatment that I witnessed during the ten days that I was at Dad’s home.  I was there from 12 noon October 23, to November 2.  I left at about 3 P.M.           

I have also enclosed two other letters dated September 11, 2005 and October 10, 2005

that illustrates what my feelings and intentions are. If someone fails, refuses or chooses to see otherwise there is nothing that I can do about that. 

My September 19th letter was addressed to June, Gene, Dad, Ivan Lee and John.  I have received no response from them.  June told me on the phone several times when I asked her on the phone from Denver that she had received it. 

I asked her several times if she had read it to Dad?  She always told me yes, with no follow up whatsoever as to what Dad’s response was.  I asked her what did he say.  She would say Oh; he said it was ok or something like that.

In the afternoon of Friday October 28 I went into Dad’s room and asked him if June had read him any of my letters? He said no she had not.  I told him that I had one that I wanted to read to him.  He said ok. 

I placed the September 19, 2005 letter in front of Dad.  I asked him if he had ever seen the letter before?  He said no, he had not.  I said Ok Dad; I am going to read it to you now.  Is that OK with you? He said yes. 

I read the first paragraph and asked him again if he had ever read it or and June read to him and he said no. I did this with each paragraph and he said, I have never seen this letter before. 

I later asked June if she had read it to him she paused and looked at me and then said yes.  I asked her again and she again said yes, and then said he just forgot it.  It’s called alienation and it’s cruel and it’s wrong. 

It’s like Dad’s 92nd birthday card that Adam, Jason, Javae, Phaedra and I made for Dad and gave to him on his birthday August 12, 2005 in the Wichita Hospital.  It was a hard to lose. It was big one on poster board about 28”X 17”. We had hand made it and all signed it for him.

We told June that we would leave it for dad and that we wanted her to take it home so that I could get it later and put it with the other ones that I have saved for the family.  When I asked to see it she said that she left it in Wichita.  

I asked her why she hadn’t called out to Wichita and have the nurses save it or mail it when she discovered that she had left it at the Hospital?   She didn’t say I’m sorry or I should have.  Her attitude was so what!                     

She has no respect or consideration whatsoever for me and/or my relationship with my father.  She is so resentful of me for some reason.  June and Gene kept telling Dad, Bump and I and any one else that would listen how Dad and I had stolen their farm in Leavenworth.  They would say that is all behind us now yet they were the ones that kept bringing it up in a hateful, vindictive tone of voice.  

Bump called me this morning at 9:30 A.M. telling me that I am as big a problem as your dad Gene is.  I told him that I am so sick and tired of everyone engaging in delusional thinking simply for their comfort. In other words, I will see things the way I want to see them to be rather than the way they are. Don’t bother me with the facts because I am not capable of dealing with the facts. 

After more meaningless conversation about what good care that Dad was getting there and ignoring the emotional abuse that dad was forced to tolerate, I could see that the conversation was going nowhere.

I saw no reason whatsoever to continue a meaningless conversation with someone that will agree with you until he talks to the next person, or already has his mind made up for his own comfort.  It is a waste of time and an insult to my intelligence with an average IQ.  I have never been alienated from my Dad, and now I have been since Gene and June moved in there. 

However Dad did call me Friday night and we had a short conversation about his trip to the doctor in Wichita.  He said he doesn’t want to go back.  He was very clear headed and had a clear voice.  The Meta message was, don’t worry Larry, I can see through all the crap.  

Bump was there with me last week long enough to see and hear enough from Gene to understand that the problem was Gene not me.  One example from many is. Gene had said that Dad had stolen the Leavenworth Farm from Dad so that he could get control of the water board law suite and make a lot of money.  Bump asked Gene what proof he had of that?

Gene said tat he had all kinds of paperwork to prove it.  I asked Gene if we could see the paperwork.  Gene stalled and then told us that he did not have the paper work that the “Feds” had the paper work and there was a big Federal Investigation under way.

Dad told Bump and I that Gene had to go and he told us to take June’s name off of the checking accounts.  Bump appeared to be in full agreement.  I took Bump to the bank and introduced him to Bruce Jackson Dad’s banker of 15 years.  They both said that they had not meet each other before which I though a little strange?  I was embarrassed when I introduced them.  I could not understand it?  

I told Bruce about the problems that Dad has had with Gene for 30 years and the current events.  I asked Bump to correct me if I was misstating anything.  Bump agreed with what I was telling Bruce about Gene. (I am sure however now that Bump will again change his position.)    

I then ask Bruce if he would leave his dad in the same house with someone that had treated and was still treating his dad this way.  He said, “I would get him out of there today”.  I then introduced Bump to Rita at the bank and she gave bump the new signature card for dad to sign.

We then went to Dad’s attorney’s office John Rubow. We were told that he was in but could not see us.  We left a list of our concerns (copy enclosed) and our names and numbers and asked that John call us.  He did not call.  I made several other calls before I left Kansas and he was never available.  I have made three calls to his office since I returned to Colorado.  He is never available.

I then took bump to meet Dad’s bookkeeper of 5 years, which he had never bothered to go see.  We told him about Gene and the long running problem that Dad has had with Gene’s chronic paranoia and all the problems that it has caused and is still causing. 

I told him that I felt that Dad is being emotionally abused. He agreed.  I asked him if he would leave his Dad in this environment.  He said “absolutely not, under any circumstances, no.”                 

Bump was in full agreement with Dad and I that Gene was the problem and had to go.

June is smarter than Bump and more devious than I, Bump or Jack could ever hope to be.

She attempted to bluff Bump and I when she came in on the morning of November 1st and said. “Ok boys Gene and I are moving out on Saturday and you boys can take of Dad”.

She said. “You two boys can get up every hour with him at night, dump his pea, wipe his butt, give him his meds, take care of his oxygen, cook his food and feed him, take him to his doctors appointments”.  She continued. “He has a Doctors appointment tomorrow November 2nd at 10 A.M. in Wichita and you two boys will have to take him. (I later called and found out that it was at 3 P. M. the next day November 3rd.)

At this point I noticed a yellow puddle at Bumps feet and he grunted and squirmed his face and said, “Larry, can I talk to you outside”?  I said “OK Bump”.  We stepped out into the front yard.  He said. “Larry do you realize what you are biting off here”? 

I said I could be here 20 days out of the month if you can be here the other 10 days out of the month.  He said. “That’s a lot of work, and I have another load going out, and my wife needs me at home, and I have a life to live and I ah…..”

I said Bump for God’s sake that is our Dad in there and we need to take care of him, I will take care of him, we can take care of him together, if you don’t want to help me then don’t stand in my way.  We are not taking care of him by leaving him in an environment where he is being emotionally abused. 

Gene has abused him for 30 years. You know that. Everyone knows that and you know that too, but you want to get in your truck and hit the road and ignore the problem.  That will not solve the problem. I said Dad has just told you himself that he is being emotionally abused and now you have put your blinders on for your own comfort.  

He said, ”I gota go now, and he got in his car and drove off.”  I have always tried to maintain respect for my brother Bump but he makes it very difficult.   It’s like his barn that blew down.  He didn’t want to get his hands dirty cleaning it up, but now he’s mad at Gary Fail for cleaning g it up.

It comes as no surprise that Bump has turned on me again, and especially at this point in time when the lifting is getting heavy. He has always resented me and gone behind my back to my ex-wives, daughters and anyone else that would listen to his destructive and negative talk about me.  It goes way my back. 

I have a copy of a letter that he wrote to me some years ago that is so full of hate and venom you would think that it was written by a raving lunatic. 

I responded to it in the best way that I could but he is still bothered by whatever is bothering him?

June has always resented me for who knows why?   Jack will not speak to me for whatever reason.  Dad can come closer than anyone in explaining what it is that is bothering all three of my siblings.  Jack is mad at me because I stood up for him because he refuses to stand up for himself.  Now he is mad at me. Go figure?

It was very revealing last week when June and Gene kept telling Dad and I that Larry is trying to steal all the land.  It was not I who came marching into Dad’s Hospital Room in Parsons in June with a Notary Public and land deeds for him to sign, it was June.

It was not I who demanded a deed to the farm. It was Gene.

Dad and Mom decided who was going to get what.  I have never questioned that and still don’t.  I have tried to include Bump, June and Jack in all of my financial dealings with dad but they have never been interested.  They would never let me included them in any of the projects and never even wanted to talk about them. 

Now they make me the bad guy.  They scream about all of the money that Dad has loaned and/or given me.  My deal with Dad on all of the deals was he puts in the money, I find, manage and sell them and we split the profit.  Dad tried to make Bump, June and Jack the same deal and they were not interested.

I will gladly match Dad’s return on all of the money that he has sent my way to the returns (no return) that he has gotten (not gotten) from all of the money that he has given to Bump, June and Jack.  Is it them against me?  It looks like it is. It did not have to turn out this way. 

If I am the problem, then please have someone that is not biased and/or in conflict, not insane and dealing with the facts tell me, and why.

Jack is now mad at me. I apparently embarrassed Jack in front of Patty at the Hospital in Parsons when I stood up for him because he could not stand up for himself and do what he should have done and stop June and Gene’s deceitfulness, threats and intimidation of Dad.

Now Bump is mad at me because he has been embarrassed in front of his wife because he does not have the gumption and backbone to take care of his Dad.  He has decided that it is easier for him play pretend that Gene and June (by her co-dependent relationship with Gene) are not the problem.  Larry is the problem because he, ahhh, lets see now , ahh because , oh yea because he raises his voice , that’s it.

Bump being a good Republican jumped on the slogan that John Kerry was a Flip Flopper during the presidential election.  Is Bump not a Flip Flopper?  His nonsensical conversations with me serve no constructive purpose.  His indecisive procrastinating manner has not served him well in life.

I told him the other day that defining the problem is really very simple. Be honest with your self and everyone else and focus on the problem.  The answers may not be so easy but we can’t solve the problem by playing make believe and engaging in delusional thinking and offering up sacrificial beings like Larry. 

That is bizarre thinking akin to the natives slitting the throat of a three-year-old child to appease the rain Gods during a drought.  How will that solve the problem?  How will blaming Larry for Gene’s Chronic Paranoia solve the problem? 

Gene may be mentally challenged but he is still smart enough with June’s help to get all the family members fighting among themselves so that he can empower himself.  Divide and conquer is an age-old strategy. He seems to be much more focused that Bump is.

Bump attempts to appease everyone and not face and/or focus on the problem. He blurs the lines between Gene’s mental problems and my mistakes and/or shortcomings.  He mixes them all together which only serves up more confusion. He does not even realize that he is doing this. 

All that I can do is respectfully object and disagree and that makes me the problem.   How so?  This logic may work in Government work but it is senseless and useless in the real problem-solving world. 

Bump’s self serving denial is almost as bad as June and Gene attempting to force Dad into signing their little agreement that they shoved in his face and read to him on November 2nd asking Dad to force me to go and talk to everyone that I had talked to while there for the ten days and tell them that I lied about everything. The agreement that June was demanding that Dad sign said that he would give them full authority over all of his financial matters, and who could come and go in the house including family members.  I took it off the table and read it. June came at me full force swinging her arms and beating me on the chest demanding the agreement back. I stuck it in my pocket. Dad started crying. June continued to scream and beat me on the chest. Dad started crying. Because of that and to calm June down I took it out of my pocket and gave it back to her.     

Up until June intimidated and bluffed Bump into getting into his car and hitting the road again to avoid the problem of getting his hands dirty he had told me several times that it was all so complicated and confusing.

I told Bump to stay Focused on the problem. Every time that he got off the track which was every hour or so, depending on who he was talking to last, he would say, oh yeah your right we have to stay focused.

The only thing that he was focused on after June melted him down was getting the hell out the door and down the road.  Once June kicked his ass the possibility of getting him to focus on the problem was hopeless.  He seen things the way he wanted to see them.

When he called me this morning in an attempt to talk me into his joining him in his delusions, I attempted to tell him that I could see no reason to do so or rehash all that we had witnessed and discussed.  He then asked me for examples.  You would swear that I was not talking with the same person that I had talked to before June over powered him.

So now to solve his problem of weakness he is going to get a Restraining Order against me to keep me away from Dad’s home.  Again that is good enough for Government work but it will not work in this case.  Dad and I have legal rights and options that I am now forced to explore. 

 Tonia, I have never been the type to hide and/or hold things in and let them fester and poison myself and everyone around me and its to late in life to start now. I have expressed my concerns and listed out my issues with Gene and June and their motives and cruel conduct concerning my father.  I have listed some of my concerns about Bump.  I could list out some of my concerns about Jack. Mainly I am concerned by his lack of interest in Dad and the Farm. 

I am however much more concerned about why they are so turned against me?  Who turned them against me?  Who is the guilty party?  Who has run the hate campaign against Bump’s wife Cindy?  Who has tried to turn each of us against the other one? It is June. Cindy is the best thing that has ever happened to Bump.

In most cases if you want to find the guilty party find the beneficiary and/or the self-imposed and/or self perceived beneficiary.  Perception trump’s truth.  Find the guy with the money and you may have found then bank robber.  Find the true troublemaker and you may have found the problem.  If I am the trouble then tell me, and tell me why.

I would suggest and would like to see a written list of the things that I have done and/or things that Bump, June and Jack and yes Gene thinks that I have done to each of them that makes them so resentful, jealous, suspicious and fearful of me. 

I would be so grateful to you if you could make such a request to each of the.  Please have them give specifics as to what when and where.  The old “he is just a con artist” bull crap that they all have accused me of being will not do. I want specifics.

The hostile ignorance that I experienced from Don Fail when I called to tell his good wife Mariam goodbye is all to characteristic of the problem.  He told me to go back to Colorado and stop causing trouble.  Out of respect for Dad’s brother Marion I called him and as expected he waffled when I asked him if he would have left his father in the same situation that Dad finds him self in. 

He was stuck for an answer. The only thing that he could come up with was, “I would have to see it with my own eyes”.  I would love to have him as a juror if I was a defense attorney.  I would win every case, and yes all of the guilty would go free.          

Tonia, I am so sorry that you and Terry had to miss out on ten years of quality time with Grandpa simply to feed your father’s illness, and Junes hate for him, which was feed, by my own mother’s hate for my Grandpa.  All these problems were based on false and fraudulent excuses that were caused by nothing more than you’re father’s Chronic Paranoia and jealously of Grandpa. 

It was his way of dealing with his own self-image problem in front of June.  He must not have felt adequate as a man and rather than getting help for his problem he simply went on the attack.  Nothing has changed.  As I said before, Losers find excuses and winners find a way”.   Whiners come in there somewhere? 

I love my Mom and miss her more than words could ever tell, but she did not like Grandpa for some reason that I could not fully understand.  I do know that Dad was not the real problem even though Bump would disagree with me. She was a wounded soul when she met Dad and he was unable to solve her problems even though he worked hard and tried all of his life. 

An example of Grandma’s hate for Grandpa follows.  On their 50th wedding anniversary

I paid $175 for a gold plated serving tray with each of their names engraved on it along with each of us four kids names. It also had the date of their wedding and their 50th anniversary date engraved on it. 

When Mom and the boys and I got back to Colorado, Dad called and told me that Mom had hidden it in the Trash barrel where he burns his trash.  It was no accident because I had hung it on the wall. 

I also remember bringing two big box’s of letters back to Colorado years ago that Dad had written and received from his mother Bessie when he was sixteen years old and away in Western Kansas working in a Broom Corn field with Polio. I asked Mom to help me sort them all out. 

I discovered that she had buried half of them in trashcans and covered them up.  I was sick.  I later duplicated all of them and gave copies to all of Dad’s brothers and sister and Bump, June and Jack.   I spent over $3,500 in duplicating old fail Family pictures and putting them in big binders and gave one to each family member. No one thank you from anyone but Dad.

I recently discovered that June had cut up one of a kind original pictures of us kids and used them to make a nice display.  If she had only of asked me I would have paid for the copies to be made. I seen some other ones on her computer that I would like to have copies of that I do no not have.

I have enclosed pictures that I took a few years ago of my old workbench and the old vice that I used to weld my little Blue Safe on when I was eleven (11) years old. 

There was also a little bench grinder that is still on the old workbench that Gene ripped up and threw on the trash pile. It was there when I left. I wanted to take it but I did not want to have any more trouble.  I have also enclosed a picture of the old Lincoln Welder that I used to make the little Blue Safe “The Fail Safe.” (Picture enclosed)  

I thought about taking all of these items years ago but did not want to look like I was defacing the old home place and I did not want to upset Jack or anyone else.  I told Dad, Bump, Jack and June that I wanted these items. I told June on the phone several times and in writing to save these for me. 

I thought that I would have been show some respect and given the opportunity to remove these items.  When I was attempting to find them the other day Gene said to me. “What in the hell are you bothering me with this Bull Shit for, I have better things to do. You people are living in the past, I believe in progress”. 

I wanted to use the tractor to pull the old work bench off the junk pile and put it behind the chicken house for safe keeping until I could get it.  He said to me. “No one drives that tractor but me, that’s my tractor”. I grew up on that Tractor. 

He then drove the tractor over to the junk pile and I hooked a chain onto the workbench and he drug it out a little ways.  He told me. “That’s as far as it goes”.  I unhooked the chain and he drove off.          

Finally, it is interesting to note that 90 % of the negative gossip and poison that has been spread throughout  the community and family about my Dad and I and Bump’s wife Cindy has all came from the same source.  That source is my sister June, your mother.  Her poison well is feed from the poison spring, her husband. 

I overheard Gene tell Dad that Gail Garretson told him and June never to bring “Larry The Trouble Maker to her home under any circumstances”.  Who planted this poison weed?  I confronted June in front of Dad and asked her if Gail had told her and Gene this?  June said yes, that is what she told us.

When Gail called asking for June, I asked Gail if she told Gene and June this?  She told me that she did not tell them that.  Then when June told Gene that I told Dad that Gail had told me that she had not told them not to bring me over there, Gene changed his story.  He started inferring that it was Mary Brandt. 

I have not called Mary Brandt. Bump can if he wants to waste his time chasing Gene and June’s lies.  He can’t run that fast. I am sure that he will not call her or Gail or anyone else to get to the facts. 

He will find it much easier to simply say, “well Larry we have had some issues with you also”.  That is what he told me when he threatened to get a restraining order against me when I refused to engage in his delusional thinking.   

   When I was back there I could not write fast enough to record all of the lies that Gene and June were telling dad and everyone else. Why doesn’t she get him some professional help?  Why does she condone, tolerate and participate in his paranoid and delusional conduct and thinking?  They are co-dependent and support each other.  They are each other’s support system because no one else will support their believe system that everyone in the world but them is wrong.  

I know that I am not telling you something that you do not already know by telling you that June has told all of us how badly Gene and her were treated by your husband Gary when they were up there doing remodeling for you.  I am sure that June would not have had any complaints if Gene had not of been involved. 

Like Grandpa has said a million times over the last 30 years,  ”Gene absolutely cannot get along with anyone”. I don’t know much about your husband Gary, except the lawyer joke that I started to tell one Christmas at Dad’s place one year that he did not like. He said “I knew that was coming”. I do know a lot about my Dad.  I have never known anyone that could not get along with my Dad except my mother. That is another story. May God be with her and I hope that He is. I love and miss her and am looking forward to seeing her in her new outfit someday.

 If June wants to stand by her man, and not let us help her, she can also fall with him. So be it.  Ignorance begets ignorance. But to drag Dad and I and the rest of the family down with her is where I take a stand.  And so here I stand. Who wants to stand with me?  And who wants to crawl under the table and hide from reality is the question?  

I am in the process of preparing a more detailed time line of events from my notes that covers the time that I was at Dad’s home from Sunday October 23, 2005 12 Noon to November 2, 2005 on or about 2:30 P.M.  I will get that to you and other parties of interest as soon as it is completed.


Larry Fail

cc   Ivan Lee Fail

      June Fail

      John Fail

      Bill & Winnie Fail

      John Rubow, Attorney

      Bruce Jackson, Bank of Commerce

      Phillip Jarred, CPA

      Frank Greve     

Index of Enclosures

  1. Letter dated September 11, 2005 to Dad, June & Gene
  2. Letter dated September 19, 2005 to June, Gene, Dad, Ivan Lee and John
  3. Letter dated October 10, 2005 to June
  4. Letter dated 11/09/2005 to Attorney John Robow and a copy of notes that Larry and Ivan Lee Fail left with his sectary on October 31, 2005.
  5. Letter dated 11/09/2005 to Phillip Jarred CPA
  6. Letter dated 11/09/2005 to Bruce Jackson
  7. Letter dated 11/09/2005 to Bill & Winnie Fail
  8. Letter dated 11/09/05 to Frank Greve
  9. Letter dated 11/13/05 to Ivan Lee Fail






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