Ex Prison Guard Ivan Lee Fail helps Lawyer Gary Nelson and steal his brothers land.

Was It Murder?
My father passed on December 21, 2005. My three siblings and my sister’s Daughter and her Lawyer Son In Law engaged in a Criminal Conspiracy to defraud me and my Children. They took $600,000 worth of property that my parents wanted me and my Children to have. They got $2,000,000 worth of prime farm land in Kansas with producing gas wells that brings in several thousand dollars per month. They also split several Hundred Thousand Dollars more in Cattle, Farm Equipment, Vehicles, Cash and Life Insurance. My kids and I got some property in Colorado that I already owned before my parents died.
I got information a few weeks before my father passed that my sister had gotten my father to sign some Transfer on Death Deeds stealing the property that my parents wanted me to have. I called my older brother Ivan Lee and asked him about the deeds. He said that he knew that I was supposed to get the land and would check it out. He alerted my sister that I was now aware of her scam. She immediately rushed my father to a Rest Home and locked him down with a “No Contact Order to the “Rest Home “against me thereby preventing me from talking to and/or seeing my father. He died before I could talk to him about the deed problem. My sister had him in the ground 48 hours after he died to prevent me from getting an autopsy. I discovered too late that my two brothers were involved in my sister’s Conspiracy to defraud me.
Many Parents and Elders are abused each day by their children and family members in a mad rush to get the Cash and get Grandpa in the ground as fast as possible before anyone has a chance to discover any foul play. You can Help Stop Elder Abuse. Your Help is needed now. ______________________________________________________________________________

Was It Murder, or was it Elder abuse? In my opinion it was both. Ivan J. Fail was a successful and well liked Farmer in South East Kansas. He was my father. He passed on December 21, 2005 in a rest home in St Paul Kansas under suspicious, extreme, and bizarre circumstances. Both his daughter and her daughter, his granddaughter had motive, opportunity and knowledge as nurses of his medications, medical procedures and sources of medications various techniques available to them. They also knew the law especially the secretive HIPPA laws they used to hide behind as my father’s son in law, is married to my sister’s daughter. He is a crafty and knowledgeable practicing Lawyer in Leavenworth Kansas. His name was on the Transfer on death Deed to $600,000 of property that my parents wanted me to receive. He gained ownership when my father passed.

Shortly before my father’s death I discovered that his name was on the deed to my land. I contacted my older brother and he alerted my sister that I had discovered the new deed. Upon my discovery that her daughter and lawyer son in law’s names were on the deed to my property my sister placed my father in a Rest Home. Using the Medical Power of Attorney that my father entrusted her with, she immediately issued a No Contact Order to the rest Home preventing me from seeing or talking with my Father until after he died thereby preventing him from correcting the deed.
When my father died my sister’s daughter and her lawyer son in law Gary A. Nelson and my two brothers got my land in addition to the land that my parents wanted them to have totaling $2,000,000. I have spent over $50,000 in lawyer fees in an attempt to get my share of the land and address the issue of Elder abuse. As it stands now my sister and two brothers will get it all as a result of fraud and Elder abuse of my farmer father Ivan J. Fail and my mother Helen B. Fail. My father passed on December 21, 2005. He was 92 years old. My mother Helen B. Fail passed on January 31, 2000. She was 88 years old. I will live the rest of my life attempting to address the issue of Elder Abuse and restoring my parents honor and legacy.
To prevent other Elders and their family members from suffering the same abuse as my parents and help prevent the emotional trauma and expensive litigation that my children and me have experienced I want to contact Law Students and/ other individuals that may have an interest in studying the following Case and assist in producing a documentary film addressing the issue of Elder Abuse. The Film will document various cases in addition to my case. Wilson County District Court Case # 2006 CV 25. The case is now in the Kansas Court of Appeals awaiting Oral arguments. The Film will address the Question, “Was Ivan J. Fail the victim of Murder, Elder Abuse and/or Foul Play?”
Interested parties may contact me at macphale@gmail.com or call me at 1-800-722-9529, or 303-730-2100. See [link to http://www.failvfail.com] for a case summary. In 1984 I legally changed my name from Larry Fail to the old Scottish Family name MacPhale.
You can Donate any amount now to the Prevention of Elder Abuse at [link to http://www.PayPal.com.] Use Email Larry@requestusa.com

Proper Estate Planning is critical to avoid a painful Elder Abuse and Costly Family Litigation situation like my case illustrates. Everyone needs to read this True Story to protect themselves and their Love Ones from Probate and Real Estate Fraud.

Was Ivan J. Fail the victim of Elder abuse, Murder or Foul Play? Read [link to http://www.failvfail.com] and decide for yourself.

If you have a similar story Please tell me your story and join the Investigation of Elder Abuse, Probate Fraud within Families and assist in the forthcoming documentary film on the subject of Elder Abuse.
To Help Stop Elder Abuse – Please Donate at PayPal using Email address Larry@requestusa.com.

Leavenworth Lawyer Gary A. Nelson engaged in the following dastardly & unsavory conduct thereby creating the “Nelson maneuver.”

Formula for “The Nelson Maneuver”

1. Get a Law Degree and turn it into a Liar’s Degree.
2. Make a Conscious Decision to become a Professional Parasite.
3. Find a Wealthy Host Client that you can Represent and Defraud, Steal and Plunder his Family Fortune.
4. Gain his Confidence and Plunder his Family Fortune for personal gain.
5. Represent him in Family Litigation.
6. Marry into the family
7. Learn and Manipulate the Family Estate Plane.
8. Covertly Distort, Manipulate and Misrepresent the Estate Plan through your wife and her mother, your mother in law using other family legal counsel. Use your mother in Law to get your name placed on a Real Estate Deed to property intended for another Family member, the victim of your scheme. Then have her place the victim’s father, your client in a rest home and misuse her medical power of attorney to issue a “No Contact Order” against your victim family member thereby preventing him from seeing his father before his death and exposing your scheme.
9. Divide the Siblings and Family & Conquer the Family and steal its fortune.
10. Cooperate in turning family members against the victim family member. Form a wolf pack against the victim of your scheme by sharing some of the spoils with other Family members that resents or dislikes the victim to gain their cooperation. If the victim Sues you, contact his attorneys and talk, intimidate or threaten them into not representing the victim thereby forcing the victim to represent himself pro se. Represent the wolf pack family members against the lone victim member and make additional money from them. Use your Law/Liar’s degree to draft fraudulent documents and affidavits with disingenuous statements for you and your co-conspirators to sign and present to the Court against the victim. Coach them in their lying about the facts in the case. Then bury the victim with legal paperwork and Motions to move the Court to disregard and/or throw out the victim’s evidence and proof of claim to his property. Then file a Motion for Summary Judgment to get the case thrown out of Court and keep your victim’s land for yourself thereby proving once again that Legal Might wins out over Moral Right.

A dishonest person takes unfair advantage of trusting people when opportunity and temptation presents themselves. Money and power reveals one’s character. A law degree equaling power makes it easier to do so.

It is the opinion of the author based upon personal experience and the record that Leavenworth Lawyer Gary A. Nelson has proven himself to be a dishonest person and is the inventor of “The Nelson Maneuver” as illustrated in the Fail v Fail case. See http://www.failvfail.com Comments welcome at macphale@gmail.com

My three siblings Ivan Lee Fail, John Roy Fail, and Iva June Dedeke Fail have also proven themselves to be dishonest individuals in the Fail v Fail case and have split the Ill-gotten spoils with lawyer Gary A. Nelson and Tonia Dedeke Nelson and Patty Hon.

My long lost brother Ivan Lee Fail of Sparta MO. accuses me of being a con man. He stole my land. I did not take his land so who is the crook? Ivan Lee got 400 acres worth $800,000 plus $130,000 in cash and my dad’s Cadillac when our father died on December 21, 2005. I got zero (0) acres of my father’s 1100 acres of land in Kansas. My brother John Roy Fail got 360 acres worth $720,000 and cattle and equipment worth another $100,000.

My sister Iva June Fail Dedeke got 200 acres and producing gas wells worth a lot of money plus every single item in my parent’s home. I was supposed to get 188 acres but Ivan Lee, John Roy and Iva June and her lawyer son in law Gary A. Nelson took that and my kids and I got O acres of the Kansas land. The reason I was to get less was because I got some mineral rights in Colorado that I found and bought with my father many years ago.

They are worth a fraction of the Kansas land that I was supposed to get from my father. My three siblings and lawyer Nelsons and his wife Tonia (June’s daughter) and Patty Hon (John’s Girl friend) got 100% of the 1100 acres. My greedy and guilty brother Ivan Lee uses the issue of me selling my own car in Colorado as a smoke screen to hide his own deceitful conduct. The car dealer law states that if you sell more than three of your own cars in one year you broke the law. Compare me selling my own cares to Ivan Lee stealing my land worth $500,000. Who is the crook? Please read http://www.failvfail.com and you will see that it is not me.

Go to [link to http://www.failvfail.com] and read the November 21, 2005 transcript of my tape recorded conversation with Ivan Lee and decide for yourself. He told me that he would give me a notarized statement that he always knew that our father always wanted me to have my land. Also see the December 4, 2005 tape transcript where he is telling me that our father told him again that he wanted me to have my land. I will be posting both audio and video depositions of Ivan Lee telling me that it is our father on the tape recordings. I had professional Court reporters transcribe all thirty four (34) tape recordings of my father, my three siblings, my father’s lawyer John Rubow and other people all talking about the facts in this case. The court refused to accept my tape recordings and transcripts but that in no way altars the facts in the case or what my father said that he wanted. Attorney Gary A. Nelson knew the law and used the law to cover his fraud. It is another case of Legal Might winning out over Moral Right.
After my sister found out that I had discovered her deed swindle she rushed our father to the rest home and misused her Medical Power of Attorney that our father trusted her with and issued a no contact order misusing the HIPPA laws thereby preventing me and my children from seeing my father until he was placed in his casket. How low can one go? This is the most sinister and dastardly act that anyone has ever played on me. Then she had him in the ground within 48 hours even though the Funeral home told me that they had an open schedule for funerals. Both my sister and her daughter Tonia are nurses and my sister was administering all of my father’s meds. The motive and time line of events leads me to conclude that Tonia and June may very well have played a significant role in my father’s death. The web site of [link to http://www.failvfail.com] – will live on forever to tell the truth and serve as testament in proving who the dishonest individuals are in this case and to honor my parent’s legacy, Ivan J. and Helen B. Fail. To see the disingenuous do-gooder in the White Hat who got away with a million in cash and property – Google their eldest son – Ivan Lee Fail.

The Contact Information for submitting your Story & Monetary Contributions for the production of a new Educational Legal Documentary Film titled “Fail V Fail – The Nelson Maneuver.” Email. macphale@gmail.com 1-800-722-9529.
Donate to the Prevention of Elder Abuse at [link to http://www.PayPal.com.] Use Email Larry@requestusa.com


Ivan Lee Fail – Visit http://www.failvfail.com

The day we buried our dad, Ivan J. Fail on December 23, 2005 – Larry Fail’s Son Adam Fail asked Ivan Lee Fail the following question.

“Ivan, why would you not let us see Grandpa before he died.”

Ivan Lee answered.  “Well Adam, you see Larry did this to himself. He has to pay for his mistakes and bad conduct.”  
Adam said “this not the Leavenworth Prison.” Ivan Lee had worked as a prison Guard for 20 plus years. Adam then asked Ivan Lee to be more specific. Ivan Lee could offer nothing more except to say. “The deed will stay as it is.”

Ivan was talking about the “Transfer on Death Deed” that gave him, his brother John and Gary and Tonia Nelson $600,000 worth of Wilson County Farm land with a Ranch Home that Ivan J. Fail & Helen B. Fail wanted Larry…

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