Leavenworth Lawyer Gary A. Nelson

In the opinion of the author and victim of Leavenworth Lawyer Gary A. Nelson Practices who practices “Self Dealing & Self Enrichment at the expense of others is a person of bad character. To test a person’s character give them power. Gary A. Nelson flunks this test. He is assisted by his wife Tonia Dedeke Nelson. Together they put Bonnie & Clyde to shame. They practice the type of Legal Sleaze that gives all lawyers a bad reputation. They believe that Legal Might should roll over Moral Right, and they practice that. In the Wilson County Case Fail v Fail they engaged in both Civil and Criminal Conspiracy, duress, elder abuse, perjury, foul play and murder and malicious business interference and wrongfully took $850,000 from an out of state family member and son of their elder victim Ivan J. Fail. Read the “The Nelson Maneuver” at www . fail v fail . com. Author contact information jen36789 @ gmail . com-  800-722-9529.     


About hardball123

Age 69. Single. Raised on farm in South East Kansas. Moved to Littleton Colorado in 1968. Semi Retired Real Estate Broker. Enjoy writing and playing music. Paints in various mediams. Writing various books on the justice system. Preachers Lawyers/Liars and other Profit$ and the People they Prey on.
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  1. hardball123 says:

    A Must Read – Public Service Announcement

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