What is Elder Abuse?

      Affidavit of Elder Abuse, Foul Play & Murder (Blog.failvfail.com )



                                         Ivan J. Fail – Victim of Elder Abuse, Foul Play and Murder? 

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1. Threats of abandonment to the degree that it causes the victim anguish and pain to the degree of crying and deep depression. 
2. Threats to the victim in an attempt to get him to sign hand written agreements giving over full authority over all of the victims financial matters 
and deciding who they can see. 
3. Locking up the victim in a rest home and not allowing them to see family members. 
4. Issuing “No Contact Orders” against family members preventing them from calling or visiting the victim.
5. Refusing and failing to tell the victim why family members have not come to see them. 
6. Harassing the victim into signing Transfer on Death Deeds and thereby the wrongful taking of the land.
7. Refusing to comply with victims request to see their lawyer.
8. Threatening, intimidating and telling the victim that they would not move into the victim’s home and take care of him 
if he did not give them a deed to the farm. 
9. Harassing the victim while in his Hospital bed forcing him into signing a Transfer on Death Deed under duress, thereby taking the land. 
10. Retaliating against the victims of their abuse and fraud by Calling, and Mailing threatening letters to their 
lawyers to stop representing the victims of their Fraud. 
11. Death Threats against the Victim. (Documented in recorded documents.)

The System is ill prepared to address these issues. The Status Quo is “Old People Die Every Day – So What!” 
It is Popular in America. Some people believe some things should be better kept in the Family including Greed, Elder Abuse, Foul Play and even Murder. 
Others say “I don’t want to get involved”. Apathy Prevails in Elder Abuse Cases. 
However, It is Criminal & Cruel.

In the Victims dying days dysfunctional and greedy family members Schemed & Scrambled for the Victim’s Money.

 They thieves schemed while their victims dreamed. 

Information. jen36789@gmail.com 800-722-9529

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 What Is Elder Abuse?  It is America’s Guantanamo.

The Parallels between Elder Abuse and Guantanamo.

  1. Apathy Rules.
  2. Both are inhumane.
  3. Out of sight out of mind
  4. The Victims are locked up or buried.
  5. No one wants liability by admitting the mistakes.
  6. The Innocent Suffer while the Guilty receive awards.
  7. Our Government leaders do not have the Moral Courage to stop it.

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Affidavit of Elder Abuse, Foul Play & Murder Google Blog.failvfail.com 

Google Gary A. Nelson, Tonia Dedeke, June Dedeke, Ivan Lee Fail, John Roy Fail, Patty Hon, 






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Age 69. Single. Raised on farm in South East Kansas. Moved to Littleton Colorado in 1968. Semi Retired Real Estate Broker. Enjoy writing and playing music. Paints in various mediams. Writing various books on the justice system. Preachers Lawyers/Liars and other Profit$ and the People they Prey on.
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One Response to What is Elder Abuse?

  1. Reported to the FBI
    Reporting Medicaid Fraud and Elder Abuse. Visit http://www.failvfail.com
    In my opinion – There is no question in my mind that Gary A. Nelson, his wife Tonia Dedeke Nelson and Iva June Dedeke worked together to mislead the Medicaid officials by diverting, transferring and/or hiding June’s assets from Medicaid in what appears to be a successful attempt to defraud Medicaid. In my opinion this is a blatant case of Medicaid Qualification fraud by the planned transferring of assets in the Form of Real Estate and other assets, with the intend to defraud, by and for the benefit of Iva June Fail Dedeke. The plan was crafted by her son in law attorney Gary A. Nelson, a licensed attorney in the State of Kansas. His wife Tonia Nelson is a Licensed Registered Nurse (RN) in the State of Kansas. Eugene Dedeke was also part of the plan as he had knowledge, and cooperated and assisted them.
    In my opinion, I have enclosed sufficient evidence as proof to support a full investigation, which should result in the filing of State and Federal criminal fraud charges. The investigation should explore possible violations of both Civil and Criminal Fraud and Statutes and also State and Federal RICO Statutes. It is also my opinion that attorney Gary Nelson should loose his licensed to practice law and his wife Tonia Nelson should loose her license to act as a Nurse. They both have involved themselves in activities that I am sure violates their professional standards and oaths under the cannons and codes of professional ethics.
    You are invited to inquire of me as to what my motivations are for taking the time and making the effort to prepare all of the information that I have provided to you. I will make myself available upon your request to answer any and all of your questions that you may have of me. I will also provide you with any and all of my documents and records, which are substantial. Please do not hesitate to contact me.
    Larry Allen Fail – MacPhale
    303-730-2100 / 800-722-9529

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